Odds on the World Cup Finals

In the matchup between Germany and Argentina this year, history has managed to repeat itself once again. The last time Germany was able to lift the World Cup was in 1990, when West Germany defeated Argentina in a 1-0 victory. That game was a rematch of the final in 1986, when Argentina managed to win their second World Cup in history. Since German Reunification later that year, they have yet to win the tournament. Messi and the rest of Argentina will be looking for revenge in this year’s final, hoping to keep the World Cup away from Germany.

With Brazil eliminated from the tournament, their South American rival now looks to capture this revenge, but that would upset the odds. The rest of the world bets on soccer as much as Americans complain about it - probably more, on second thought. There are a ridiculous variety of bets that can be placed on a soccer game. One can bet on the number of corner kicks at half time and full time, who will have more corner kicks at several points in the game, which side will get the first corner, which side will get the first corner of the second half; these aren’t even all the corner kick bets. 

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