LeBron Awaits His Kingdom in Cleveland

Before analyzing Cleveland’s imminent dynasty after the Homecoming, the Return of the King, the Decision 2.0, or whatever else you want to call LeBron’s move back to Cleveland, I want to quickly say something to the dying breed of hardcore LeBron haters still out there: 

One thing is clear about LeBron James’ public perception at this point: no matter what he does, there will always be those who shamelessly deride and treat him as a villain. LeBron has coped with the pressure of becoming the greatest NBA player of all time, ever since he was in high school.

Such a subjective expectation inevitably leads to constant controversy and scrutiny of every press conference, headband placement, cramp, and decision James has made throughout his young adulthood and tumultuous twenties. Most fans willing to exercise empathy can hardly blame LeBron for some of his missteps given his circumstances, but unfortunately, empathy tends to yield to sensationalism among sports fans.

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2013-14 Spurs: Breaking All the Rules

Earlier this month, the San Antonio Spurs shocked the world by beating the two-time champion Miami Heat to take home the 2013-14 NBA title.  The result was not entirely surprising—all anticipated a closely contested series—but few predicted the way the Spurs would manhandle the Heat, wrestling them down in five games with three road wins, all while shooting a torrid 52.8% and posting an average point differential of 14.0 (both Finals records in the shot-clock era).

Tim Duncan-led teams have been perennial contenders, so few eyebrows were raised when San Antonio was still playing in June. 

But they should have been. 

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