The 2014-15 All-Under-Underappreciated Team

Last week, the Franchise released our 2014-15 All-Underappreciated Team.  That team highlighted starters who contribute significantly to their teams, but are often overlooked as minor stars in the league.  This team is a little different.  This team consists of players who aren’t just overlooked, they’re forgotten about completely.  These are players who have worked hard to maximize their talents and take advantage of opportunities, even if their ceilings are lower and those opportunities are scarce.  To qualify, players had to meet the following criteria:

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Has Kevin Durant Already Lost This Year's MVP Race?

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the reigning MVP Kevin Durant will be sidelined for 6-8 weeks with a Jones fracture, an injury where the bone at the base of the small toe breaks.  And with just under two weeks until the 2014-15 NBA season tips off, the Thunder will undoubtedly miss their superstar on the court.  But how will this injury impact Kevin Durant’s chances of defending the Maurice Podoloff Trophy?

Well, before Durant went down, Vegas had LeBron James as the favorite to win the MVP this year with 3:2 odds while Durant came in at second with 3:1 odds.  Now, James’ odds have improved to 5:6 while Durant's have fallen to 4:1.  While the odd shifts correctly reflect that Durant’s chances of winning MVP have diminished, Vegas still severely underestimates the uphill battle Durant faces.  Let’s see why by breaking down a few key components to winning the NBA’s most coveted award:

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